Best goods You can buy now in CANDO 100-Yen Shop

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These days, 100-Yen Shops is one of most popular culture in Japan for foreigners and there’s no Japan travelers who don’t want to go 100-Yen Shops. By the way, did you know there are other 100-Yen Shops besides the daiso(ダイソー)? Of course the daiso is top-ranked 100-Yen Shop in Japan, howver there are yet another […]


Online game addiction in Japan and Netoge addiction

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In Japan, an increasing number of individuals are addicted to on the internet games and have actually quit of society.They are called “Netoge (internet game) craps” Netoge poisoning indicates “I’m addicted to the video game (I’m addicted)”, “I want to give up the internet game however can’t stop it” Signs and symptoms of significant harm […]


This is why Japanese is not good at English

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Have you ever talked with native Japanese people? Or You may have watched Japanese TV shows about Japan culture or learning English. This is fact that a lots of Japanese is not good at English language. In this post, I’m going to talk about “Why Japanese is not good at English”. Let’s go. Japanese is […]